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If you are wondering what this blog is about, here’s a quick overview:

I (Kim) write this blog on the side of my full-time job teaching nutrition to young children, their parents, and day care center staff.  I am a Registered Dietitian and I live in Buffalo, NY.  See more about me here.


This is a “healthy living blog,” however, the philosophy I have on a healthy lifestyle is really pretty simple: Don’t “diet” and deprive yourself of foods you love.  Eat everything in moderation, and I mean everything, except maybe trans fats. Those don’t get invited to the party.  Move your body on a daily basis.  I love ice cream, wine, brownies, and rich cheeses as much as the next person.  I certainly don’t deprive myself of those things when I want them, but 80% of the time I consciously make the healthier choice pertaining to what I put in my mouth.  Exercising is a priority, because it is arguably the #1 thing you can do for you health, and you don’t exist without your health! 

Grapefruit Wine Spritzers

This blog was inspired by my love of cooking and experimenting in the kitchen, along with my slight obsession with meal planning.  Don’t think it’s for you? Try it. I promise, it will make your life 100x easier.  I post our family’s menu here (and on my fridge) every Sunday, and have compiled our all-time favorites here for you to browse by category.  While some of our meals are my recipes, which you can find here, a lot of our meals come from all of the other amazing food bloggers/cook book authors that I’ve featured in my links.  Be SURE to check out/follow/pin/tweet their creations as well!

You will mostly find recipes and meal planning posts for humans here, but I’ll also throw in some goodies for the pup in your life, tried and tested by mine.  I think it’s safe to say he loves being my recipe tester.


Have a nutrition question yourself?  Be sure to email me at or drop a comment!  I’ll be happy to help, and might feature your question or other trending nutrition topics in my Nutrition in the News section.

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