About Kim

Hi there! My name is Kim.  I am a Registered Dietitian in Buffalo, NY.  I live here with my husband, Dan, and my little shadow/kitchen vacuum, Bauer.

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Ok, I’ll admit it.  Sometimes he sneaks the droppings and sometimes I just feed them right to him.  He’s just too cute.

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In my family, talking about what you will eat for the next meal during the current meal is a usual occurrence.  We LOVE food.  Of course as a dietitian, I believe that good food does amazing things for your health and well-being.  But also, so much happiness and love of family centers around food! I hope my recipes and meal planning posts will help make managing healthy meals easier for you and your family.

Aside from this fun blogging project, I work full time with young 3-4 year old children and their families. I bounce around the room acting like assorted farm animals, all to teach them that moving is good for our bodies.  I talk so highly about an orange bell pepper that the kids think it must taste like Disney world in their mouth.  My ultimate goal: “no thank you bites,” or best of all: actually liking it!

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In 2012, I was featured as “Cook of the Month,” in the Buffalo News, and this was the start of my real experimentation (sometimes success, sometimes failure!) and love for cooking. Recipe development, pinning meal inspiration, and cooking while listening to my favorite podcasts are some of my favorite hobbies.

About Me- Jump, Jive & Kale!

Knowing that a healthy lifestyle truly is a balance of moving more and eating better, we can’t forget the importance of physical activity in our food-loving life.  I like to say that I run because I love food too much not to!  Whatever exercise you enjoy, just move as much as you can, and I promise your body will thank you.


I hope that you like what you see and you will Jump, Jive and Kale with me!  Connect with me on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook!



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