Healthy Meal Planning: Weekly Dinner Menu #66 & #67 (Kitchen Renovation Edition)

Today you are getting double the meal ideas since I missed the post last week.  I hate missing a post, but things were just too busy. As we are doing most of the work ourselves, the project isn’t the fastest moving that it could be, so another few weeks of no kitchen it will be… :(

On the bright side, I actually feel like I’ve been making it work fairly smoothly.  Sure there have been a few nights where I run from the house screaming and order the closest take-out we can get, but most nights I’m able to make do with the small appliances and outdoor grill that we do have.  Planning ahead is KEY though.  I cannot stress this enough.  If not, a grumbling stomach will take over your food choices.

All of the last two weeks meals are easy and minimal prep, as they have to be right now.  I’m hoping you can find some inspiration!  I am hoping to be back with new original recipes at the end of June– this is the goal, but I suppose my husband only has so many arms.

Healthy Meal Planning: Weekly Dinner Menu #66 & #67 (Kitchen Renovation Edition)

Monday- FLOP.  I hate to start it off with a flop, but it’s the truth.  I tried out one of those “all in one” type crockpot meals where the main dish and all your sides cook together.  As I suspected, did not work.  It wasn’t a throw-it-in-the-trash/order-a-pizza incident, we did eat it, but I wouldn’t recommend it or make it again.

Tuesday- Chipotle

Wednesday- Burgers (bean burger for me, beef burger for Dan- courtesy of Wegmans) + Alexia fries + green salad

Thursday- Grilled Lemon-Garlic Chicken (marinated with this) + steamfresh veggie mix + Annies microwave mac & cheese cups (not the best mac & cheese ever, but it satisfied the craving, and was an appropriate portion size).

Friday- Grilled Cheese & Minestrone Soup (I had frozen the soup a few months ago)

Saturday- Out to dinner!

Sunday- Slow Cooker Chicken Nachos– topped with avocado, salsa (specifically, THIS salsa.  So good!), and greek yogurt.  This was a fun meal! I know nachos doesn’t sound like a very balanced dinner, but with beans, chicken, avocado & whole grain chips, it really was!

Monday- Grilled Salmon (hers) + Steak (his) + big green salad (mixed greens, pecans, feta cheese, carrots, tomatoes, chick peas & avocado).  I actually just put the salmon on top of the greens and ate it as a big salad, delicious!

Tuesday- Whole Grain Naan pizzas (with bell peppers, onion, olives & a little chicken sausage) with a side of “carrot chips” (my new fav thing)- pizzas cooked in toasted oven.  I love Naan bread because it’s thin, whole grain, get’s crispy when cooked, and is easy to fit in the toaster oven if needed.

Wednesday- Chelsea’s Crockpot Ribs + baked sweet potatoes (cooked in the microwave) + steamfresh veggie mix- I keep forgetting to see if I can share Chelsea’s recipe.  I will get back to you on that!  It is soo yummy and easy so I want you guys to have it.

Thursday- Chicken & Cheese Quesadillas (This consisted of rotisserie chicken, shredded cheddar cheese & a little red onion on a flour tortilla. Topped with avocado and salsa. I cooked them in the toaster oven but obviously they’d be better on the stovetop) + grilled veggies (I chopped up a zucchini, two bell peppers [in big chunks], asparagus and red onion [also big chunks].  Tossed it with basting oil, a little balsamic glaze (courtesy of TJ’s), kosher salt, black pepper and a little garlic powder.  Then I grilled them in my grill basket for 15-20 minutes.  Yum!)- If you have not grilled veggies before, you’re missing out!

Friday- Lemon Garlic Chicken Cesar Salad- I marinated the chicken in this, and then tossed the grilled chicken on top of a Cesar salad mix from Wegmans.  Cool and refreshing for a hot day!

Saturday- Getting real here: we had ice cream for dinner. It was 92 degrees today and Dan was hanging drywall.  I didn’t have an excuse, but it was so hot I didn’t even want to lift my hand up to call somewhere. Fro-Yo it was.  The pup, who was laying in the fetal position on the bathroom tile floor all day was really happy to get his own cold treat, too :)