Healthy Meal Planning : Weekly Dinner Menu #69 (Kitchen Renovation Edition)

Hi friends!

So I don’t have pictures of the meals described below because I forgot to take them. Eating at 8-9pm at night means I feel like I can’t even pause to take a photo because I’m that hungry! I am going to work on this.  For now I hope you’ll accept the photo of the delicious s’more I made last night instead. Can you tell I was having a major chocolate craving? :)

Happy meal planning!

Healthy Meal Planning : Weekly Dinner Menu #69 (Kitchen Renovation Edition)- Recipe links to make meal planning easier for you and your family!

Sunday- Grilled Steak (his) + Grilled Sweet & Spicy Salmon (hers) + grilled broccoli florets + Annie’s mac & cheese microwave cups– This was my first attempt at grilled broccoli which I tossed with a little extra virgin olive oil, salt & pepper, and a teeny bit of crushed red pepper.  I grilled it for 8-10 minutes but it was at too high of a heat and for too long and a lot of them burned :(  I would suggest maybe 5-6 minutes on a low-medium heat.  If you can blanch them before-hand in a pot that might be best. The mac & cheese cups are helpful for these crazy busy nights, but of course don’t compare in taste to real mac & cheese.

Monday- Chicken Cesar Pizza’s on naan bread- I am very thankful to a great reader, Erica, who alerted me to the fact that the Wegmans Naan bread I was buying had WAY too much sodium in it.  I know bread is a hidden source of sodium, but for some reason I never checked my naan bread!  I was very thankful for that, and was able to find a better brand. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find the Mayur brand that she recommended, but I am keeping my eyes peeled!  For this pizza I put a layer of cesar dressing on the whole grain naan bread, topped that with rotisserie chicken tossed with some additional cesar, with part-skim mozzarella cheese and parmesan cheese over the top.  I baked them in the toaster over, and then served them with a large salad.  For the salad we had a spinach/kale mixture, shredded carrots, cherry tomatoes, and some extra parmesan.  Kept it simple and easy.

Tuesday- Honey BBQ Chicken Wings + Salad + Grilled Garlic Bread- So I cheated for this meal and bought already cooked smoked chicken wings from Wegmans.  They were NOT healthy by any stretch of the imagination, so what I did was make them more of a “side” rather then the centerpiece of the meal.  I love doing that so you can enjoy a treat without feeling sick after.  So we had the wings with a large salad (kale/spinach mixture, shredded white cheddar, cucumbers, chickpeas, and a few caramelized pecans) and grilled whole grain garlic bread (I drizzled a little olive oil on the bread with some garlic powder and grilled it for maybe 1 minute, it gets grill marks quickly so don’t walk away).

Wednesday- Chelsea’s Crockpot Ribs (YUM!) + a frozen side from TJ’s that ended up being very bad. :(

Thursday- Grilled Chicken (with chili & lime seasoning blend from TJ’s- yum!) + frozen brown rice & black beans (frozen grains= life saver during the reno) + same salad as Tuesday

Friday & Saturday- Ordered pizza + leftover pizza + random food in fridge (carrots, strawberries, cherries)- Busy weekend getting the space cabinet-ready, I CAN’T wait!